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Supply chain management

Schedule management of all the suppliers as per defined timeline and delivery date, support in setting up transportation channels and warehouse wherever required, and weekly report of plan v/s actual production and dispatch plan

Reverse engineering

In some cases, we undergo a complete development cycle starting from product scanning, testing, design, and data preparation and then prototyping, where we assist customers in product development without any design and data availability


Starting from design simulation to prototype development, batch production, and mass production readiness and assisting suppliers and customers and witness trials and validate product and process as per defined CTQ’s and technical specification

Commercial viability

Our commercial viability services refer to professional services that assess the feasibility and profitability of a business venture or project. These services help businesses evaluate the potential success and financial viability of their initiatives before making significant investments or strategic decisions.

Supplier assessment

We provide supplier assessment service that helps businesses evaluate and assess the capabilities, performance, and suitability of their suppliers. It involves conducting thorough evaluations of suppliers based on predefined criteria and performance metrics.

Technical analysis

Technical analysis refers to the application of data-driven techniques to analyse and optimize various aspects of the manufacturing process. It involves using statistical methods, mathematical models, and performance metrics to gain insights into production performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-backed decisions.