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Who we are

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Hasten sourcing is a name you can trust the most for executing the supply chain & sourcing projects from Asia.

we provide unique all-inclusive services to our clients, mainly like product-technical review, Supplier assessment, checking for commercial viability, Industrialization, reverse engineering, and supply chain management.

We are working in product sourcing services for more than 15 years now.

We are experts in manufacturing and sourcing consumer, Technical, and industrial products from India and other countries in Asia. We have a stable network of 2000+ suppliers from various industries and we have helped globally renowned companies to gain a competitive edge in the industry, resulting in an increased market share. All this backed by a wide network of logistics partners and an authentic supplier database, we boost ourselves as a reliable Product Sourcing Agency.

Our Services

Vast experience of managing sourcing for types of products

We are checking commercial viability and technical requirements

Transparent process with well-defined procedures and documents

Large network of suppliers across different material groups

Regular quality audits/inspections at the supplier end

Quality improvements on a regular basis based on product and process demand

Continuous monitoring during the complete sourcing and supply chain project

Packaging & Logistics handling as per the schedule and load ability

Working Methodology and process

What We Offer

We understand that different customers have different needs. That’s why our sourcing services are scalable, so that we may provide you with the precise combination of global sourcing solutions that you need most.

Customers may choose to merely source their custom component parts through Hasten Sourcing, taking advantage of our value pricing from fully vetted factories. Other customers, for example, may want to add on-site inspections, shipping & logistics, financing, and domestic warehousing services.

Technical analysis

Detail study of customer requirements like design and data, technical specification, material availability, and manufacturing requirement

Supplier assessment

Identification of suppliers based on the customer and product manufacturing requirements.

Commercial viability

Preparation of cost break-up and apple to apple comparison, open-book cost methodology, clear INCOTERMS, project timeline, commercial agreements


Starting from design simulation to prototype development, batch production, and mass production

Reverse engineering

In some cases, we undergo a complete development cycle starting from product scanning, testing, design, and data preparation and then prototyping

Supply chain management

Schedule management of all the suppliers as per defined timeline and delivery date

  • 2000

    Audited supplier

  • 30

    Team members

  • 100

    Supplier groups

  • 50

    Material group

How can hasten sourcing help businesses save costs?

We can help businesses save costs by leveraging their expertise and supplier networks to negotiate competitive pricing, optimize procurement processes, identify cost-effective alternatives, and streamline the supply chain to minimize expenses.

What criteria hasten sourcing consider when selecting suppliers?

How do hasten sourcing find suppliers?

We utilize various methods to find suppliers, including extensive industry research, attending trade shows and exhibitions, leveraging professional networks, and utilizing online supplier directories and platforms.

What is the role of a Hasten sourcing?

We play a crucial role in helping businesses identify and engage with reliable suppliers, negotiate favourable terms, and streamline the procurement process to ensure cost savings, product quality, and timely delivery.


How Hasten sourcing is different than other sourcing companies?

Considering factors such as industry experience, reputation, track record, supplier network, service offerings, expertise in specific industry, and our ability to meet unique requirements.

What are the costs associated with working with a Hasten sourcing?

How does confidentiality and intellectual property protection work with a hasten sourcing?

As a reputable sourcing company, we prioritize confidentiality and intellectual property protection. We typically have non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in place with suppliers and employ strict data security measures to safeguard sensitive information and intellectual property rights.

What industries can benefit from partnering with a hasten sourcing?

Virtually any industry that relies on sourcing and procurement can benefit from partnering with us. This includes industries such as manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, construction, healthcare, and many others.

Can Hasten Sourcing handle logistics and shipping?

Yes, We offer logistics and shipping services, managing the transportation of goods from suppliers to the desired destination. This includes coordinating freight forwarding, customs clearance, documentation, and tracking shipments.

Can hasten sourcing assist with quality control and compliance?

Yes, we often provide quality control services, ensuring that products meet specified standards and conducting inspections at different stages of production. We can also help businesses ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and ethical sourcing practices.


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