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We are offering several sourcing opportunities for the automotive industry from India. Some key areas where we excel in the automotive sector include:

Ø Auto Components: We have robust auto component manufacturing industry in India, It produces a wide range of components such as engine parts, braking systems, electrical components, suspension systems, fuel systems, and more. Our auto component manufacturers are known for their cost-effectiveness, quality, and adherence to international standards.

Ø Electric Vehicles (EVs) and EV Components: With a growing focus on electric mobility, India has witnessed a surge in the production and adoption of electric vehicles. Indian companies are involved in manufacturing electric vehicles, batteries, chargers, powertrain components, motor controllers, and other EV-related technologies. Many global automotive players are establishing partnerships with Indian companies for EV components.

Ø Sheet Metal and Fabrication: We have a well-established sheet metal and fabrication industries in India that serves the automotive sector. These manufacturers specialize in producing sheet metal components, chassis, frames, and other fabricated products for vehicles.

Ø Tooling and Moulds: India has a strong tooling and mould manufacturing sector, offering high-quality moulds and tooling solutions for automotive applications. Indian companies provide services such as injection moulding, die casting, stamping, and precision machining.

Ø Engineering and Design Services: India is renowned for its skilled engineering talent pool. Indian companies offer engineering and design services to the automotive industry, including CAD/CAM design, product development, prototyping, testing, and validation.

Ø Research and Development: India has a growing focus on automotive research and development. Several research institutions and companies are engaged in developing advanced automotive technologies, including vehicle connectivity, autonomous driving, and alternative fuel systems.

Ø Aftermarket Parts and Services: India has a thriving aftermarket for automotive parts and services. A wide range of companies cater to the repair, maintenance, and customization needs of vehicles, offering spare parts, accessories, and service solutions.

These sourcing opportunities from India provide automotive industries with options for cost-effective manufacturing, high-quality components, and access to skilled expertise. Many international automotive companies have successfully partnered with Indian manufacturers to leverage these advantages and strengthen their supply chains.

Specific sourcing opportunities may vary depending on your company’s requirements, product category, and target market. Conducting thorough research and engaging with potential Indian suppliers we will help you identify the most suitable sourcing opportunities for your automotive business.